What if there was a process to unhook yourself from what’s holding you down, back, and under?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been plagued with thoughts like…

  • I can’t change. It’s just too damn hard, so why bother.
  • I feel like everyone hates me. 
  • I can’t do anything right. Ever.
  • I have to keep this smile plastered on my face, even though I’m so sad.
  • I’m not enough.

When your reality is skewed this way, it’s easy to spend sooo much time obsessing about stuff that doesn’t serve you. 

Think of it like wearing a pair of really smeared glasses. Those messed up filters (or “Cloudy Lenses”) can seriously muck up your perception. And no matter how much you want to change this distorted view of reality, it’s hard to make the changes you truly want when you’re straining to see things as they really are. 

This distorted version of reality is the foundation for your mindset, my friend—or what I like to call, your Mental Optics. 

Mental Optics are the ways in which you see the world, and they’re automatically shaped by your life experiences.

Mental Optics are everything. They affect how you look at a situation and respond to it. They're the difference between feeling successful and feeling defeated. They alter how you perceive others and the impact their actions have on you. They keep you from the healthy mindset you do want.

Basically, when something’s off with your Mental Optics, it can keep you from being who you truly are. And babe, I bet you’ve got a lifetime of altered lenses holding you back.

The good news? Your Mental Optics *can* be rewired (even if they’re cloudy AF). And I’m going to show you exactly how.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  1. How your Mental Optics operate and what you can do to control them.
  2. Why shifting your mindset is mega important for creating the change you want.
  3. How to choose actions that are doable for your willingness level right now.
  4. My technique for reading and freeing yourself from pretty much any situation.

You in? Let’s do this!


  • Give more energy and focus to creating positive change.
  • Free yourself from the halting pressure of perfectionism.
  • Shatter all-or-nothing ideals and find comfort in the gray zone.
  • Break free from the negativity spiral and shift into a state of compassion and flow.
  • Open the door to a path of flow, ease, and inner peace.
  • Enjoy your life no matter what you have or haven't achieved.
  • Experience authentic and unconditional self-love and acceptance.
  • Get in touch with your body and the magic that lies inside.


  • Shift your perspective: Down with all-or-nothing thinking! Say buh-bye to unrealistic expectations and come back to balance by setting new ones in a way that makes sense to your brain.
  • Identify your filters: Clean up any Cloudy Lenses by working out the main thoughts, stories, and fears that keep you from real happiness and satisfaction.
  • Dive into the process: Boost your awareness of the filters through which you interpret your world, then rewrite your foundational beliefs with exercises and journaling prompts for different kinds of scenarios.
  • Find your groove: Bring it all together with bonus tips to help you realign your Mental Optics and release blocks around change at a pace that feels good for you.


Unlike other health-minded courses, this isn’t about doing all of this perfectly or beating yourself up because you fell short of some unrealistic “performance health” standards. It’s not about sweeping your emotions and traumas under the rug or blaming yourself for past reactions to situations. And it’s not about trying to change yourself or all your habits all at once. 

Positive change is never achieved by shaming yourself or forcing yourself to do something you’re not ready to do yet. So, you won’t find any judgment or pushing here, honey bee—only love and support for easing yourself through this process as you’re willing to do so. 


  • 4 weeks of self-paced lessons for getting down and dirty with your mindset and relationship to change.

  • A Personal Record that’s chock full of journaling prompts and exercises to help you clear up any cloudy Mental Optics.

  • Meditations to promote positive energy flows, change the way you speak to yourself, and inspire self-worth.

You’ve got everything it takes to flip your Mental Optics.

Calling all uber-perfectionists, super-feelers, and overall extreme thinkers! You CAN change the way you think about, react to, and deal with any situation. Choosing the life you want to live means giving yourself the best gift ever.

If you're tired of feeling like crap all the time or like the world is a hard place to live in, it's time to turn that ish around. Click the button below to join now!

Hey, Health Hero! I'm Amy Clover

I’m a writer, fitness personality, motivational speaker, teacher, and mental health advocate. 

I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and hate who’s looking back, to feel like you have no control whatsoever over your mind or your life, to feel like you’re so broken that you’re beyond healing. I also know what it’s like to have “getting out of bed” be my win for the day.

I’ve struggled with clinical depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and eating disorders throughout my entire life. In fact, they almost killed me. I hit rock bottom in 2005 when I was hospitalized on suicide watch.

I’m proof that you are never “stuck” in any situation.

Having my freedom stripped from me in that hospital shocked me back to life: It hit me that I’d given up. I’d never even tried to take action to feel better because I just assumed that nothing would ever work for me.

With this realization fresh in my mind, I committed to working on myself from the inside out as soon as I was released. After all, the worst had already happened. I figured I had nothing else to lose.

Over the next few years, I roller-coastered up and down trying to find methods that worked. Some stuck, some sank me deeper. No matter what, though, I got back up.

I want to show you that It’s possible to change your life.

I’ve been to rock bottom, and I’ve climbed my way to the top.  

The way I see the world now is drastically different than how I saw it 13 years ago. Where I used to feel like the world was against me, I’m now able to see hardships as lessons making me stronger. Where I used to feel the need to escape emotions through substances, I now see that my emotions are natural non-life-threatening signs that I’m a human being!

A lot of work has been done to get here; work that’s shifted my perspective and my default reactions. Work that—if you’re willing—is totally available to you right now through this course! 

Let's reshape your Mental Optics

If you’re over letting pessimism, perfectionism, anxiety, or depression bring you down, this course is essential to freeing yourself from all that ish. Click the button below to get started!