This is where one-size-fits-all health ends, and individual health begins.

I developed this 6-week program because it's what I wish had existed back when I started trying to get healthy. You see, shame and struggle used to be the name of the game for me in my journey to healthy. These are some of the thoughts that used to run through my brain on the regular (tell me if they sound familiar):

  • Am I eating too much?
  • I should be working out more.
  • I shouldn’t be eating this.
  • I’m not pushing myself hard enough.
  • Maybe I can go a little longer without eating today…
  • Why can’t my body do what theirs can?
  • I’m such a ______ for eating this.

Just a few years ago, I realized that shaming myself into eating “clean” and exercising like I thought I was “supposed to” was either:

  • Making me crazy about food and exercise
  • Pushing me to injury or burn out
  • Completely unmaintainable
  • Not fun. At all.

I was so tired of feeling like crap all the time, and no amount of pushing or forcing was making it better. So I tried something else.

Through educating myself, adopting tools and practicing patient persistence, I completely turned my relationship with food and exercise around.

Instead of being afraid of certain foods, I eat them in moderation (I thought moderation was a myth!)

Instead of pushing myself to perform until I couldn’t, I cue into what my body wants to do today…and I listen.

Upon realizing this new way of being in my body, I released the soul-sucking shame and self-judgment that held me down every single day. Plus, I got to a healthy body weight and a healthy mindset around food and movement, and stayed there.

You don’t know how valuable True Health is until you feel it. That’s why I created Strong Inside Out Health Essentials.

I’m Amy Clover, founder of Strong Inside Out and the creator of this program. I’ve been through the ringer with eating disorders, exercise addiction and a whole slew of other issues that add up to a not-so-great relationship with food and my body.

People see where I am now - balanced, healthy and loving it all - and they ask me where to begin to heal their own relationship with food and exercise. Because my methods are so different than any out there, I never had an answer for them unless they opted for personal coaching so I could lead them through it. I wanted to offer this method in an accessible format that doesn’t require the investment of personal coaching.

Enter SIO Health Essentials: The 6-Week Program that will reboot how you eat and move your body.

This  is a 6-week guided program that includes self-guided lessons, experiential at-home work and connection with others who are going through it with you to get you back in alignment with True Health. No more hoping another diet or workout program is gonna save you. This is where you learn how to do it for yourself.

For everyone who’s ever asked me for help with nutrition or exercise, I made this for you.

While I’ll be teaching you how to eat and move in a way that brings you ultimate health, I’ll be doing so in a highly personalized way. This isn’t about how you compare to my metrics; this is about you getting to decide what you want your health to look like, and learning how to get there without burning out or getting bored. 

This is a freaking health revolution.

Sound like everything you ever dreamed of? I was hoping you’d say that. Let’s jump in!

This is a 6-week online course that's limited to 20 members per round.


  • The truth about change and how to grab it by the horns
  • All the how’s and why’s of eating healthy and maintaining a balanced movement regimen
  • The no-nonsense guide to eating healthy
  • How much to eat for your body
  • How to know exactly how much movement your body needs for balanced health
  • How to check yourself along the way so you never burn out or get bored again
  • How to harness motivation and why it gets side-tracked


  • Reconnection with your body’s intuition around food and exercise.
  • Relief and ease when it comes to deciding what you’ll eat and how much.
  • Confidence and clarity in choosing whether to work out or not.
  • Increased energy levels thanks to a healthy eating and movement regimen.
  • Never, ever burn out again on diets or exercise.
  • All the energy you’re giving to food obsession and worry about your exercise program will be freed up for other - more worthwhile - areas of your life!
  • A deep sense of motivation that changes as you do!
  • Conviction in every decision you make for your health from here on forward.
  • Individual health informed by scientific research and your own personal preferences.


  • Identify your health-sabotagers: Get to know the extreme ways we go about getting healthy that keep us from ever reaching it, and break through them.
  • What exactly a healthy way of eating and moving is for you: No more wondering what’s right and what’s not. This method goes by your body, so it changes as you do!
  • Develop a specific plan of action: Set yourself up for success by structuring a balanced schedule and preparing for obstacles.
  • Habit creation: You’ll be workin’ it while you’re learnin’ it so that you develop the habits throughout the 6 weeks!
  • Personalized health motivation: You’ll learn how to create motivation that runs deeper than any inspirational quote so you’ll wanna keep going long beyond the 6-week mark.


  • A diet or cleanse
  • A workout program
  • Shame- or judgment-based lecturing on how you’re not enough


  • 6 weeks of research-backed education and exercises that integrate it all. You’re doing as you’re learning so we can develop the habits while you’re with us!

  • A Personal Record that’s chock full of journaling prompts and exercises to help you create the change you wanna see in your movement and eating habits.

  • Personalized quizzes to help you understand where you are now and how to get closer to True Health.

  • A supportive, safe environment to share and grow with others in our private Facebook Group.

How We Break It All Down

Our Course Curriculum

No more shame, restriction or forcing yourself to fit into a one-size-fits-all box of "healthy."

I suffered through diets, cleanses, workout programs and challenges that all left me feeling worse than I started thanks to the ever-present feeling of “I’m a failure,” because nothing ever worked long term for me.

The lies that performance health-based approaches tell you is that you’re meant to fit in a box; a one-size-fits-all program that offers the answers to all our health issues. What they don’t tell you is the massive rate of failure with those programs because we were never meant to be put in those freaking boxes!

This program is the revolt against all that bull. This is where we stand up and reclaim our own version of health by combining evidence-based science with mindfulness so we can finally feel at home in our own bodies.

We're closed, but not forever

Health Essentials is closed for enrollment, but you can get on the waitlist to be notified when we open up again!

Hey there! I'm Amy Clover

I’m a writer, fitness personality, motivational speaker, teacher, and mental health advocate. 

I know what it’s like to feel unsafe around food, like I just “can’t stop eating,” and to feel high for going a full day starving myself. I also know what it’s like to dread working out, to not know how much or how hard to do it, and to feel dead tired from my workout, but like a failure if I didn’t go back to the gym again the next day.

Like I told you earlier, I’ve dealt with eating disorders, exercise addiction and a whole host of other issues that made me confused about what “healthy” really meant for me.

I've been there. And I've gotten here, to a place of balance and True Health.

I went through it the long and painful way, starting with a face plant in rock bottom that led me back into eating disorder recovery. There, I learned how to honor my hunger, eat in a healthy - but sane - way, and move my body in healthy amounts.

I finally learned what balance was, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Now, years later, I’m still at a healthy body weight with a healthy AF mindset to go with it.

This way of eating and moving saved me. Now I want to help you.

No longer do I spend hours obsessing about what I’m going to eat (or what I did eat), nor do I beat myself up for having something “off plan.” I have no problem eating until I’m full AND THEN STOPPING, and I don’t starve myself to feel high off control anymore.

Gone are the days of hating my workouts or doing so much that I get injured or burn out. I’m done killing myself at the gym for hours because I had to “make up” for what I ate.

I’m finally free from all of that, and I’m healthy, and you deserve to be, too.

A lot of work has been done to get me here; work that’s shifted the way I look at health from a nutrition and movement perspective. Work that - if you’re willing - is totally available to you through this program.

Individual Health Is Yours If You Want It

Ready to let go of all the ways that haven’t worked for you, and embrace the one that’s based on you as an individual? Let's do this thang.